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Break 366- Series 2 23-24 Hockey Hobby-1 Box Random

Break 366- Series 2 23-24 Hockey Hobby-1 Box Random

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32 Spots Random - 1 Box

Series 2 23-24 Hockey Hobby X 1

We will Randomize the List of Teams and match them to the number you chose.

Once this Break is filled we will send you an email with time of The Break and where to view The Break

Randomization will be done with 2 Dice Rolls Second Roll Higher Than 

Distribution Rules

All-Star Cards: Go to the team with which the player played the most games if no team logo is present.

Cards Featuring Multiple Players: Randomized between participants who have the teams represented on the card.

Randomization Process Utilizes for fairness and transparency, conducted live on Facebook or YouTube to ensure participants can witness the process. 2 Dice Rolls Second Roll Higher Than 5

Scheduling and Communication

Breaks are scheduled to run the same day if filled before 7 PM EST; otherwise, they're postponed to the following day. Unless there is a scheduling conflict 

Participants receive email notifications with the break time and streaming links once a break fills.

Specific NHL Team Handling Rules

Quebec Nordiques cards go to the Colorado Avalanche.Atlanta Flames and the original Winnipeg Jets cards go to the current Winnipeg Jets.Hartford Whalers cards go to the Carolina Hurricanes.

There is a 5% cancelation fee

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